Friday, September 12, 2014

Velhola Hungary 2014

Hi to all my readers,

Havn't writed for allmost 15 months, way too much to think about with our summer house in Hungary.

Our restauration of our house that we bought 2012 is continueing at a steady pace. We have the kitchen ready, and during this trip our livingroom and pantry will be ready. We need to get the paintings done and the new floor done

Today we have ordered material for our fence, about 1000 meters of wood, and screwes that our employed persons will need for making our new fence around the plot later this year after we have leaved for the winter. The wood needs to be cutted into the correct measurements and also oiled before we leave back to Finland, so we have a lot to do for now.
Next sunday we're invited to dinner at our friends house, and we're thinking about to invite them the next sunday after that, we're desperately trying to find a good Hungarian receipe for what to serve to our friends. We want to surprise them with something Hungarian...

We are lucky to have a very reliable family living in the neighbourhood taking care of our house while we're not present at the site. We also have all modern equipments including burglar alarms and videosurvaillance connected to local alarmcentrals and our own monitoring systems just in case somethings happens.

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