Saturday, September 20, 2014

Unplanned works.

Yesterday I started to make new doors to our so called garage, that later will be converted into a place for our grill and outside sittings in the evenings, a new roof is needed but it need to be made at our next trip. The old roof has to be taken away and the beton under it also, here we need help from our hungarian friends.
The old garage doors

The new doors before the oil threatment

The old so called doors was absolutely so bad as they can be. Here is a photo of the old ones, and the new ones made of the local standard wood, they will be a lot better looking after we've get them painted with oil.

The new doors after the first oilpainting

I also got the pantry almost ready, and my wife started to put things in, mostly decorations, and tomorrow all the missing lists will be in place.

The pantry before it's getting filled with stuff

Tomorrow we're invited to our hungarian friends for lunch, and after that we'll continue to prepare the house for our winterleave, a few things to acqiure for our workers for all the jobs they will do during the winter season while we're away.

In the next spring we will get most of the rest workings done.

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