Monday, September 22, 2014

The last evening

Today we have made a lot of preparements for the upcoming winter, and for what needs to be done while we're away.

During the evening our friends came to visit us because they are at work when we're leaving, we went through all things that is needed to do before we return. We also had a nice evening chatting with them and excanging emails for the coming contact keepings. Also when they came we didn't had the the usual Palinka shot, instead we suprised them with Finlandia shots, they told us that in Europe Finlandia is like Mercedes, very expensive.

Next time we will need many things, soil for the garden and lots of other things to continue our renovations, our friends promised to take care of these things.

We will leave home for a while and return later to continue the restaurations of the house with the help of our hungarian friends.

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