Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sis family visiting Velhola

Today my sisters family from Sweden visited Velhola. We've last meet in Stockholm Sweden last september at my brothers wedding.
I took the whole family to visit the house of our ancestors in Porvoo, the house is now a days a museum telling the story how the Holm merchandant family lived in the 17'th century.
I could tell from what my sis told me that she would have picked a few or more furniture pieces with her if she would have could! I also believe that my nieces in the picture got a whole new picture of their ancestral heritage line.
After the museum visit I took my guests to an resturant in the Old Porvoo for a late lunch before we headed to Velhola for good finnish coffe and ice-cream with a glas of good Italian wine from the Puglian area.
My sis family continued to drive up to ostrobothnia to visit my younger brother, and be present when my brothers son Linus gets his graduation papers from school on friday 30.05.2008.
On saturday most of the main branch of the Holms will meet up to celebrate the event.

In the picture there is from left, Nicole, Michelle and Michelles boyfriend Kristian.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


A short description of our stay in Malta.

On the arrival day and the following day we strolled around in Bugibba, the town where we had our accomodation. Because we visited a bit outside of the main tourist season, there was not so crowdy, and one could walk along the streets fairly undisturbed, observing buildings and nature, taking pictures without needing to wait that someone dissapears from our camera view:-)
On the 1th of May, we still stayed in Bugibba observing how the Maltesians celebrated, it was a whole lot different than in our home country, no big parades, no speeches, seemed that there was no difference compared to any other normal day. In the evening we went to the closest pub for a few beers, and found our selfs in an karaoke evening, where also one of our group member made a few performances receiving lots of applauses and a request to come back the next karaoke evening.
Over the next days we visited the capital of Malta, Valletta. We also visited the town of Mdina, called the silent town.
One day we took the local bus and drove to the north part of the main island, from there we hiked back to Bugibba. The trail went through the the sparse highland landscape of the north west part of Malta. At some point we took the bus for a few miles, and then again walked our way back to our town.
The last evening we went out for a good meal at one of the many restaurants found in the neighbourhood of our residence, after that we ended the evening by rejoining the karaoke gang at local pub with new performances of our singer.
In the morning of our last day at Malta we left Bugibba early in the morning with a taxi arranged by our host at Falcon Court, were we had been staying the whole week, the taxi took us to Malta International Airport for our flight to Bremen in Germany where we had to stay one night before we could fly back home.
In Bremen we had good luck with the weather, so we visited the old town for a few hours, before we went to our hotel sleeping a few hours before our early morning flight back to Finland, facing temperatures 10-15 degrees Celcius lower than we had in Malta.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hi, it's me again,
I've noticed an other thing on my holiday, the cars here in Malta is a mix of old and new ones, lots of brand and marks that we dont anymore see in our traffic, and lots of new models not so common in our country.
Beeing a fan of nordic cars, I've noticed that after for days in Malta I've seen only two Saabs and two Volvos, both around 5 to ten years old. The other thing noticed is that the buses (pullmans) are very old, but suprisingly working very good, for instance today we went on a few busstrips with those old ones, without any problems even if they are the age of the busses we had in the beginning of the 60's to the 70th's.


Hi, we're here at the Malteesian islands, the first thing that catches your eyes is the language, here is an example, english and malteesian about smoking.

I'll be back with more stories when I'm back home due to that our internet connection is a bit pour and breakes every now and then.