Sunday, February 25, 2007

February end

Hi it's me, the lazy blogger.

The kitchen remodeling is ready, so now it's time for other activities over.

The last week I've been updating my genealogy database with lots of new members of the family, near and far. With a litle luck I'll get the web pages updated during this week, keep an eye on for updates.

I have also been testing FolderShare as a media to share photos and other documents with close relatives, those interested can have a look at on how the thing works. I will invite persons I want to share files with during the next week, they need to download and install the software from the site mentioned.

I've also tested a program called Tirminal that makes it possible to send a download link to people I want to have my access to files I've selected. The files reside on my own computer, and are transfered directly to my fellows computer encrypted.

More to come...


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Well, it has been a busy week in the kitchen, old cabinets has been taken away, and new ones installed.
Because the house is over 200 years old, it has been a whole lot more to do than just changing cabinets, some has to be built from the ground up by hand because of measurements doesn't fit.
The project is now on the better side, only two more to build by hand, and a few doors, then it's time to do the finishings.