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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Well your Lazy Blogger just got lazier, this is my first this year :)

Anyway, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

The next trip.

Back in Finland, farewell Hungary for a while.

Budapest Airport
The planning for the next trip to our Hungarian cottage is well under way.
During autumn and winter our friends will build a new fence around our plot. We'we made a model of what we want, but because all of the slots are of different measures our master need to be creativ in how he's implementing our wishes.

Fence models
The boards we already treated with oil, about 700 meters all in all.

View from our gate, our friends houses
Also during the autumn our friends arrange that the wall in our middle room will be treated so that we can paint them when we return. After that I'll have to lay the floor with laminate. After that our so called summer room is in turn, there is wall fixings panels and new floor material.

Garden work started, but long from ready.
Outside my wife will start to make the garden, bushes, flowers and trees. We'we already ordered a fair amount of soil that will be delivered ready for us when we return.
There is lots of other things planned also, but I wont list them, because every time there is many planned things that wont be done and many things unplanned done.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

The last evening

Today we have made a lot of preparements for the upcoming winter, and for what needs to be done while we're away.

During the evening our friends came to visit us because they are at work when we're leaving, we went through all things that is needed to do before we return. We also had a nice evening chatting with them and excanging emails for the coming contact keepings. Also when they came we didn't had the the usual Palinka shot, instead we suprised them with Finlandia shots, they told us that in Europe Finlandia is like Mercedes, very expensive.

Next time we will need many things, soil for the garden and lots of other things to continue our renovations, our friends promised to take care of these things.

We will leave home for a while and return later to continue the restaurations of the house with the help of our hungarian friends.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Unplanned works.

Yesterday I started to make new doors to our so called garage, that later will be converted into a place for our grill and outside sittings in the evenings, a new roof is needed but it need to be made at our next trip. The old roof has to be taken away and the beton under it also, here we need help from our hungarian friends.
The old garage doors

The new doors before the oil threatment

The old so called doors was absolutely so bad as they can be. Here is a photo of the old ones, and the new ones made of the local standard wood, they will be a lot better looking after we've get them painted with oil.

The new doors after the first oilpainting

I also got the pantry almost ready, and my wife started to put things in, mostly decorations, and tomorrow all the missing lists will be in place.

The pantry before it's getting filled with stuff

Tomorrow we're invited to our hungarian friends for lunch, and after that we'll continue to prepare the house for our winterleave, a few things to acqiure for our workers for all the jobs they will do during the winter season while we're away.

In the next spring we will get most of the rest workings done.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Finalizing the pantry.

Today I got most of the pantry finalaized, a few lists missing, but should be in place before we leave. Tomorrow I'll install the cabinets for the misiss to store different things.
The lists missing.

If time is enough I'll try to make new doors for the garage, and maybe also also a new port from the street into our garden.
This is a short update, more later on this blog and our other blog

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wood for the fence.

Last spring we went to check the availibility of wood for our fence, we were shown excatly what our need were.

Two days ago we ordered the needed amount and got it transported home to our address, but later when we where measuring what we got we found out that our order of 20X100X5000 mm was a so called standard that had nothing to do with reality, and we got wood with the measurements ranging from 95-110 X 20-30 X 5000. All screws already bought needed to be replaced with new screws with different lengths, about 1000 pcs. Looks like the Hungarian standard is between 18-29 cm thickness and 95 to 110 width.
Second from left is our new fence model. First one is the old, and the left ones is the streetside that will do for now.

Thats not all problems, the hanging places on the pillars are not on the same heights so we really have to make compromissions to make a fence that is about what we want.

We have about 1000 meters of wood to paint with oil, one third already done, and if the weather stays good all will be done before we leave.

Today I went to Debrecen to BauMax to get more planned wood that I need in the pantry that I hope to have ready before we return to Finland. Our living room won't be ready during this trip, and we hired a person to do the job after we have leaved back home. During the next trip we only have to do the paintings and laying the new floor

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