Friday, June 20, 2008


Ciao Readers,

It's midsummer over here in Finland, the sun is up allmost around the clock, and Velho and Velhotar have a babysitting phase, Velhotars sons dog is here while her son and family is visiting Greece for a two week holliday in Kefalonia.
Our traditional midsummer is postponed to August when all of our children can be present, so for now we're celebrating a different midsummer, only us and the brother of Velhotar in the middle of our renovation of our Sauna building, pictures of the result later, but here is one picture of the babysitting dog using my t-shirt from years ago:-)


Sunday, June 01, 2008

The weekend is over!
This weekend we've been visiting two graduation party's, one in Kankaanpää, and one in Närpiö, both can be located to the south of Ostrobothnia in Finland.
My notices about them is that pink is a major color for the moment, so instead of showing pictures of participents, I'll show a picture of an old tree all in pink, instead of showing all the ladys.
The tree is in an old willage called Karttu in the town of Ikaalinen at the place where my wifes parents have their house.
We have been visiting first the home of my wifes cousine, her dauhgter graduated from her school the day before. Next we visited my brothers residence in Närpiö to celebrate his sons graduation, present was nearly all of our main family branch, and a lot of other friends of the family. Sargon, the head of my sisters family took his role as the chief of staff and handled the serving and other things just as a butler would have done earlier in the 18'th century, a great Thank You to him for helping Susanna in this.
Sargons daughter, Nicole is also graduating later in june, but due to workreleated matters we aren't able to be present to celebrate her, so we will express our sincerly best wishes to her at her graduation day.

Lasse & Leena