Thursday, October 02, 2014

The next trip.

Back in Finland, farewell Hungary for a while.

Budapest Airport
The planning for the next trip to our Hungarian cottage is well under way.
During autumn and winter our friends will build a new fence around our plot. We'we made a model of what we want, but because all of the slots are of different measures our master need to be creativ in how he's implementing our wishes.

Fence models
The boards we already treated with oil, about 700 meters all in all.

View from our gate, our friends houses
Also during the autumn our friends arrange that the wall in our middle room will be treated so that we can paint them when we return. After that I'll have to lay the floor with laminate. After that our so called summer room is in turn, there is wall fixings panels and new floor material.

Garden work started, but long from ready.
Outside my wife will start to make the garden, bushes, flowers and trees. We'we already ordered a fair amount of soil that will be delivered ready for us when we return.
There is lots of other things planned also, but I wont list them, because every time there is many planned things that wont be done and many things unplanned done.

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