Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wood for the fence.

Last spring we went to check the availibility of wood for our fence, we were shown excatly what our need were.

Two days ago we ordered the needed amount and got it transported home to our address, but later when we where measuring what we got we found out that our order of 20X100X5000 mm was a so called standard that had nothing to do with reality, and we got wood with the measurements ranging from 95-110 X 20-30 X 5000. All screws already bought needed to be replaced with new screws with different lengths, about 1000 pcs. Looks like the Hungarian standard is between 18-29 cm thickness and 95 to 110 width.
Second from left is our new fence model. First one is the old, and the left ones is the streetside that will do for now.

Thats not all problems, the hanging places on the pillars are not on the same heights so we really have to make compromissions to make a fence that is about what we want.

We have about 1000 meters of wood to paint with oil, one third already done, and if the weather stays good all will be done before we leave.

Today I went to Debrecen to BauMax to get more planned wood that I need in the pantry that I hope to have ready before we return to Finland. Our living room won't be ready during this trip, and we hired a person to do the job after we have leaved back home. During the next trip we only have to do the paintings and laying the new floor

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