Monday, September 15, 2014

When it's raining it's pouring...

Today we finished the planning of our pantry, because we could not do anything outside during the raining. We also had an invitation to our housekeepers for lunch that we accepted, the lunch was very good, both Mr and Mrs are very good chefs especially with Hungarian food.

If we have time tomorrow we'll go to Debrecen to find some planned wood that we need to finalize the pantry. As surfaces, we use parts of the old furniture that we bought from the previous owners. The old furnitures colours fit with our plans.

In the afternoon we'll continued sawing bits and pieces for the fence and also oiling them, there is also some paintings to be done inside, but we save them for rainy days.

The upcoming sunday we also have an invitation to lunch at an other friend couples home, so we have to make our invitation for both familys to our house in the next spring, we're runing out of time during this trip.

Your Lazy Blogger.

PS. When time permits, I'll post new photos.

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