Sunday, April 28, 2013


Well now the first phase of the renovation in our vacation place in Hungary is done.
During ten days we got all the utilities contracts, gas, electricity, sewage and so on transferred to us. We also got the renovation of the kitchen allmost ready, next time we only have to get the kitchen cabinets fitted to their right place and a few smaller things to take care about.
If everything goes according to our plans we'll be able to spend our hollidays in Hungary starting 2014. Ok it will allways be some small approwements to be done, but the same is true with even a small holliday cottage in Finland.
Our intension is to preserve as much as possible of the hungarian athmosphere is our house, the only exception beeing the kitchen. We also accuired the furniture of the seller, most dated back to the 50's, our intension is to renovate all of those and use them in the house.
During our days in our house we also got to know a lovely couple living next door to us on the opposite side of the street, they had previously helped the formar owner in various things on the property. We made an agreement that they will take care of our house while we're not there. We also installed an alarm system just in case.
With the help of the local county authorities we also got our internet up and working in no time, enabling us to stay at our house for a bit longer times, because we can handle our work from there.
During all our stay at the house we had a lovely help from our translator couple living nearby, without their help all things would have taken a lot longer time to get done, thank you Maria and Arpad for all your help.

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