Sunday, April 08, 2012

Nine days without...

Piccolo Antonio and Internet, that's holliday. Neither didn't work at our previous villa in the mountains but at this one they work now and then.

First week we were five persons spending our time in Sant Agata sui due golfi on the Amalfitana costiera in Italy. Celebrating a few birthdays, seeing relatives and eating good Italian food. The last evening in Sant Agata we all went to a local "Ristorante" with our Italian relatives for an evening of good food before we continued to our next location.

The first week we had very good weather, a little cloudy in the mornings, but then sunshine and around 20-24 degrees Celcius.

Santa Maria di Castellabate
This week we spend in Castellabate on the Cilento coast of Italy. What a scenery we have from our villa on the hillside! You can see the Thyrrenian sea and the smaller part of Castellabate called Santa Maria di Castellabate on the coastline belowe us. Above us there is the old town from around 1020 AD as the area has been inhabited since Upper Palaeolithic times. In early medieval times, the current part of Licosa was a base of the Saracens, who were defeated here in 846 by a coalition of the Duchy of Naples, Amalfi, Sorrento and Gaeta. The history of the current Castellabate is tied to Saint Costabile Gentilcore (St. Constabilis), fourth abbot of La Trinità della Cava. In 1123, the same year in which he was elevated to the position of abbot, he started construction on the Angel's Castle 1123, which afterwards became entitled to him. His title gave the village its present name: Castrum Abbatis, Latin for "the castle of the abbot". His abbacy lasted until 17th February 1124. His successor, Simeon, completed its construction and helped the inhabitants.

Kirsberry flowers
Today Castellabate is a typical south Italian town with about 8000 inhabitants living on tourism and agriculture. Castellabate's cuisine is based on local products: wine, olive oil, cheese (such as mozzarella), garbanzo beans and salami.

This week we will continue with good food, but also explore the area better. Here are many historical places like Agropoli and Paestum, let's see what we have time for to see.

Castellabate seen from San Marco di Castellabate

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