Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Velho on the road

Lasse & Henrik Mangs. Photo by T. Nikus 2012
Yours truly has once again been on the road, speaking about digitalization of material of interest for genealogists, this time in Korsholm, Vasa.
The one day event was arranged by both genealogy Associations in Vasa. The amount of visitors was about 300+, and on the speach sessions average around 90 persons. In my point of view, the numbers are excellent when thinking about how small area of minority language persons is in question.
I also spoke about our Calamnius and Holm familys, both on the lecture and at different occations later. I'm happy to say that I revived many genealogical contacts, and got a bunch of new ones to deal with.
I also got a lot of new reseach material, but due to lack of time havn't checked it out yet.

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