Monday, February 06, 2012

We've got a new president.

This morning was the coldest so far this year at Velhola. 10:00 in the morning we still had -31C, and even at noon it was -29C, but at 21:00 in the evening it was only -9C, so we are clearly going towards the summer. Well maybe not that fast, but anyway.
Here are a picture of our summer terass, the table have been cleaned from the snow once, but now there is about 50cm of snow again, and for the moment more is coming...
Today it was the second round for our presidential candidates in the election. Both candidates have had a very good campaign and are very equal. Unfortunately my candidate lost and the other one made it. I still believe we got a good president, this is democracy. Congratulations to Sauli, and Pekka please be available again after six years.
Well these are the short news from your Lazy blogger for this time.

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