Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where has the summer gone?

Just yesterday it was spring, and we just got back from our Italian vacation, and now it's almost winter.

Our summer has been a bit splitted, working and taking care of our own house in the southern of Finland, but we have also been participating in taking care of my in-laws property in Ikaalinen 200 miles north from us, also helping in the task of my mother-in-laws moving into an apartment in the center of Ikaalinen, leaving more responsibilities for her childrens familys to take care of the house in the countryside.

As a member of many family organisations boards, I've also have had lots of meetings and speaking sessions to attend during this year, a few bigger meetings upcoming before the yearend.

The last of our previuos generation, my mothers brothers wife passed away lately, and there is also a few things to take care of before the year changes.

Velho and Velhotar also just recently got their eyes on a suitable property for our pension days down in Hungary, a country we have learned to love, the property is about 2000 miles south, so we expect that there is a bit warmer, and a bit shorter winters, how about half a year south, and half a year up here in the north. Well it's a dream, we havn't got any answers from the seller yet, but maybe next week. Up here we are used to get answers at once.

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