Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a summer

This summer there have been lots of things happening.
In mid june I spent 4 days in Rome, Italy, with 12 other italian language students, we simply had a great time, even if it was a bit warm for us from the nordic, days 34 degrees Celcius, nights hardly belowe 25. Did I mentioned all the great food we had during our stay.

Over here in the south of Finland we also had a very good summer, around 30 degrees for weeks, very litle rain.

Well everthing can't be good, in july we had thunderstorms that damaged most of my PC equipments, it took almost 4 weeks to fully recover, I did had backups:-), but installations and restoring from backups can take a lot of time.

At the end of july the next epidemy hitted, many of my customers my self included was hitted by a malware attack on our web servers, the cleaning and checking of all internal computers at my customers sites and also at my office took about 2 weeks, no bigger harm done.

Despite those negative things, there has also beeen positive things happening, for example here at Velhola I got our new terrass built, the old one was removed last summer when we did the roof job.

We testdrived the new one in the end of august with our closest neighbourghs, spending an evening having good food the Italian style (the shorter version of the menu).

The last weeks I've beeen busy painting the southside of our house, interrrupted now and then by some rainshowers.
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