Thursday, May 27, 2010

This week

My fellows and readers,

this have been a real fast moving week, been visiting customers and upgrading their software, done some web page programming, visiting an old cemetery in Porvoo with a group of genealogists.
On the old cemetery in Porvoo you can find the grave of one of my ancestors Johan Holm, born 1789, better known as "Näse-Jutte". His wife Eva Amalia Krook is also buried in the same grave.
On saturday I will attend the spring seminar of the Finnish Genealogical Society's board as an member of the board. The older one gets, it seems that genealogy's becoming more and more important, knowing our ancestors and relatives is more and more important in our hectic world where the closest relatives lives far away from you.
Just came to my mind that the Armenian Eurovision Song Contest song is in some way very good (simply my taste), it could of course have something to do with the fact that some of my ancestors are originating from there centuries ago.
Now the focus is on our upcoming 60th anniversary Family Reunion of the Calamnius Family in july in Helsinki.
Life isn't real without less wanted news, recently I got a very sad message, one of my really good friends "Ismo" had passed away, I do miss him very much as do my partner also, on the other hand we feel very lucky that his children are also our very good friends, and we wish them strength in their sorrow. Velho and Velhotar will attend the ceremony in the beginning of june.

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