Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hi all my fans ;-)

Velho has been attending a course in the Italian language for a few years now. Note! This doesn't garantie that I've learned anything.

Our group is unique, we have more fun than learning during the classes, alright, maybe we'we also have learned something during the years, but basically we could be desribed as a group of Italian lovers, especially the good food and the good wine from the different regions. Many of us are visiting Italia regulary, and have gotten friends in Italia, some also have relatives there.

This year our group have made a decission to visit Rome in june, everything is setup the flight tickets and the Hotel rooms are reserved, and our group members are waiting, waiting, waiting for the take off on june 11.
Our visit is 4 days, so we will have a full program to visit most of the historical sites, and still leave time to enjoy the good food and wine.

Our journey can be followed on the groups web pages we try to post something every day, mostly late in the afternoon before we head out for some good place to eat at.

Our Italian course will take a break for the summer starting in the middle of April, but the group itself will continue to meet up now and then also after that.

Just a week ago we suprised our teacher with an evening at an italian style resturant on her birthday, instead of trying to learn Italian gramatics :-)

Lorenzo d'Isola alias your lazy blogger

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