Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calamnius Family Reunion

Hi to all of you blog readers,

The 60th anniversary family reunion of the Calamnius family is slowly starting to come together. We have published our program for the days on our website at , look at the memberletters page.
This meeting is special, because it's also a part of the 350th year of finnish genealogical research, in the year 1660 the bishop Tersereus, started his trip to Ostrobothnia. During this trip he started to notice the many releationships between the different social classes, mostly among the priests, and the merchandants. He got what we could describe as the flu of genealogical research, and he started to note down the releationships. These notes would a few hundred years later become the famous Genealogia Sursilliana, a basis for many genealogical researches in Finland.
The Genealogical Society of Finland is celebrating this as the start of genealogy in Finland with many events during the year. The main event has already occurred, but, the most waited for event will take place in Seinäjoki on sep 25 2010, in a so called Sursill Seminar.
The lazy blogger will be one of the speakers, but wait, this is not all, there will be new research information on the Sursill family that might change the old picture totally, at least that's what I've been told. So please show up at the seminar, to be among the first ones to be told about the latest research.

The Lazy Blogger.

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