Friday, December 04, 2009

Little Christmas "Pikku Joulu"

A few days ago, it was the first advent, and Velho went to a small party held by the Finland-Hungarian Association in Järvenpää.
This event is held once a year, the members coming together eating good food, chatting and having fun.
This year this party was arranged by our sister association the Russin-Finland Association, and we had the opportunity to taste some traditional russian foods, interesting combinations and tastes.

Velho had the opportunity to meet up with other friends of Hungary, that have aquirred their own cottage in the south of Hungary, in fact a small wineyard. We spent the whole evening speaking about Hungary. As all of you know, the plans for Velho and Velhotar is to find a small place down there in Hungary, where we can spend part of our pension days in a bit warmer climate than here at home.
As with all dreams, you have to have them for a long time to increase the possibility to get them fullfilled. Our dream started nearly ten years ago, so maybe it's our turn soon:-)

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