Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello everybody,

The Lazy Blogger is back;-)

The summer has gone by with lots of small restauration projects on Velhola Manor, the social life has been forgotten, the year is simply too short this year.
Now it's nearly winter, at least cold and bad weather outside, making me wonder, why am I still here up in the north of Europe, when I should be around 2000- 3000 km south?
The dream is to get a cottage somewere in the south of Hungary, or even in the south of Italy, a place where one can live a peaceful and easy life within a bit warmer climate during the upcoming pension days (a few years left, I'm not that old yet;-)).

The rest of the year is filled with different events and meetings, mostly concerning genealogy. The Finnish Genealogical Society have a few meetings every month, and I'm also attending meetings with the Calamnius family board, planning the upcoming 60th anniversary meeting next summer in Helsinki, more information on their website.
My hunt for information on the Holm familys incompleate branches also continues, some progression made this year, mostly on our Franck branch, but there are still a few other branches to take up to present time.

Well, what I'm trying to say, is that it has allways seemed that old people doesn't have time, they're allways busy with something. Now it seems that the same flu is catching me also, even if I'm not that old yet, or am I?

Your Lazy Blogger

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