Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No vacation!

Velhola manor age 211 years don't permits any vacations, there is always something to do to keep the manor up to date.
This year the north side of the roof is to be replaced, and also the warehouse on the north side. Pictures will be published after the job is done
Next weekend my father in law will be 80 years old, so the celebrations will be held in Ikaalinen with lots of friends and famlily members present.
The same weekend I will also be attending the reunion of the Wallin family in Karkku, making a speach about the Calamnius Family as the chairman of the family. The Wallins are one branch of our widespread family.
The next week I have a reunion with my Italian language group called "Il gruppo Pazzo", we have been studying Italian for over five years together, waiting for it! We're a really crazy group:-)
After that it's time for the "Talkoo". Talkoo means you have your friends and relatives over for helping you with a job, they get the food and beverage, and you get the job done with a little luck:-)
This time it's all about the roof job and the warehouse restauration. My brother said that he has ordered good weather for that weekend, but lets see the reality

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