Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello all my readers,

I know your not many, because my lazyness to write more frequently, but anyway, here is the latest news.
I've been having genealogy as one of my hobbies for the last +-40 years. For the last eight years I've been a member of the Borgånejdens Släkt- och Bygdeforskare rf. Since two years ago I've been the chairman of this association, hoping to pass it over to someone new and fresh tomorrow, lets see...
Since the beginning of this year I am also involved in the Genealogical Society of Finland, as a deputy member of the board, and also as a member of the Work-Group and the IT Group. This gives me an more broad inside view of what's going on within the field in our country. I can see that there is a lot to do, to satisfy our members, but hopefully we can meet their exceptations, there is lots of work to do.
Adding to this, I'm also a special member of the Calamnius Family board since 2007. Now we're starting to plan for the upcoming Family reunion in 2010 when the Family Association celebrates its 60th anniversary. At the same time the Genealogical Society of Finland celebrates the 350th year of genealogical research in Finland.
All this ends up in lots of thinking, planning and acting to achive all goals for the year 2010 wich is special for both societies in many ways.
The national socities and the Calamnius socities main events will take place in the Helsinki area in the summer of 2010, stay tuned.

Your Lazy Blogger.

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