Monday, December 22, 2008

Middleage! or Old?

Today I was watching the World Music Award on the TV, it's been a few years since I last saw the program.

I have to admire the artists for their perfomances, and talents.

But what's amazing me, is the change in how they classifie music today, compared to, about five decades ago. Can you imagine that just in the midle of the sixties R&B was synonymous to The Rolling Stones, and now the Worls Music Award in the same class goes to Alicia Keys??
Ok! I know that the world is changing, and faster that I can hang on with.

I remember when in the middle of the sixties, my favourite piece of music was the House of the Rising Sun with The Animales, later on this was to become one of the songs I collected, every version that I could find with any band in the world. The Animals was introduced into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. But it took fourteen more years before my favourite band was introduced, The Ventures, that made numerous different versions of that traditional masterpiece.

The theme of the song is marvelous, I can easily make an halfhour jamsession around the theme, and I often do with my old Hagstrom II guitar from the sixties, now even more often after the restoration of the guitar. I managed to find allmost all parts in orginal, last spring when I restuarated the guitar as near to orginal as possible.
The Hagstrom II guitar is absolutely the most easy and the fastest guitar to play, I have tried all the other big brands also.

I personally bought my Hagstrom II from the Hagstrom store in Stockholm, Sweden in 1971, and was informed that the one I bought was the last one of the production year 1965 that was on sale. Here is a picture before the restauration in 2008, 43 years after the production.

The Hagstrom Guitar has been reborn, but havn't had the opportunity to try one yet.

These are thoughts and memories from my lifetime and love to music.

Your Lazy Blogger wishes all of you,

a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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  1. My first good electric was a Hagstrom II. It was painted to look like Claptons SG when he was with Cream. I stripped all the paint off with lighter fluid and I really learned how to play on that guitar. A few years later I sold it in order to pay for another guitar(a 68 SG standard which I still have). I have a very fine collection of guitars, but I would really love to have a Hagstrom II back. I really did not want to sell it, but I needed the money.