Monday, April 14, 2008


Velho and Velhotar is going on a short vacation to the Maltese Islands with a few friends of ours between 28/4 - 7/5 - 2008.
Our intension is to explore the islands and some of the historical anicent remains found on the islands.
We're hoping for good weather during our stay, we'we learned that this time of the year there should be around 20-25 degrees Celcius during the days, and around 15-18 degrees during the nights.
We intend to explore the islands by buss ans by foot, and hopefully we will have a whole bunch of new photos to post at the Velhola site after our journey.
Because of lack of direct flights our gang has to stay overnight at Bremen in Germany on both the flight out and the flight back, so with a little luck there might also be some photos of the Old Town of Bremen coming up on the Velhola site.

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