Friday, October 12, 2007

Late summer vacation

Been a while since last entry, that's why I'm the "Lazy Blogger"

At last we could leave for a mini vacation, and the destination was the southwest part of Hungary. We had rented a villa in a little nice town by the name of Zalakaros, known for their termal spa, but the spa was not the reason for us.

We always had fancied to see this part of Hungary, the south we already knew, because of our many visits to the area around the town of Pécs in the Baranya county.

The Zala county was new for us, and we found it very beautiful. We made tree different trip by car, the first one was driving around in the Zala region, the second one was driving south to the Pécs area, showing it to a friend of ours, that never before had visited Hungary. The last trip we made was driving around the lake Balaton, Balaton is the largest lake in central Europe, and known for it's beaches and spa's. The pic is taken on the shores of Balaton in a small place called Balatonberény, near the southest part of the lake.

All our stay we had really nice weather, around 20-25 degrees C during the days, and around 15 in the late evenings.

Everything comes to an end, we had to return back home, and when arriving back to Tampere Airport and finding out how cold it is, we nearly jumped back on the plane to return south.

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